Inkjet Test Platform

The Inkjet Test Platform is designed to test different print components and materials used in a digital inkjet system. All components can be easily rearranged to allow process parameter optimisation. Able to test printheads, dryers, inks, substrates and even proofing print applications prior to production printing and testing print quality.


The platform allows optimisation of all process parameters, can be used for testing printhead, different ink formulars, create various colour sequences to achieve the desired colour and vividness, experiment with different dryer systems and have access to an abundance of settings that influence the jetting behaviour and ink interaction on the substrate. It can also be used to simulate a small-scale production environment to test new products before bringing them into a real production environment, proof customers applications or produce customers samples.


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Extended MFP Lite

The MFP Lite has been extended further to make it the most flexible and inclusive dynamic perforator available in a single module. The unit can now be tailored to include 4 full width horizontal perforating beams, vertical perforating heads, file hole and sprocket punching.

The MFP Lite is the workhorse dynamic paper processor for transaction centres. The unit stands above the rest due to its high performance and comprehensive tooling options which include horizontal perforators, vertical perforators, file-hole and sprocket punching.

One of the MFP’s outstanding benefits is the capability to include sprocket punching with dynamic perforations or file hole punching post-printer - effectively avoiding any paper dust and confetti contamination in the printer caused by sprocket punching pre-printer or using pre-processed paper stocks; this is extremely beneficial to maximising the uptime and lowering maintenance costs in any print production centre.

The new addition to the MFP Lite line-up is the "MFP Lite Extended". This unit adds another two full width horizontal dynamic perforation beams, making it possible to run a total of 4 full width beams with each beam capable of holding up to two perforation blades, therefore giving greater flexibility and possibilities to our customers.

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The Matti Orion MFP Lite Multi Function Processor.



The MFP Lite is the latest addition to the MFP Family, a very flexible multi-function processor which can be configured with full width horizontal perforating blades, vertical perforating heads, file hole and sprocket punching.

Multi-Function Processor (MFP Lite) video overview.

The Matti Orion MOU5020/ACC Unwinder with integral accumulator for use with Higher Speed Printers

Matti Orion Solutions MOU5020/ACC Unwind

The Unwind features the unique Orion drive, Touch Screen controls and enhanced safety features, configured with the high volume accumulator giving exceptional on demand speed response with a soft start and stop with the fastest printers. 


The Matti Orion MOR5020/ACC Rewinder with integral accumulator for use with Higher Speed Printers.

Matti Orion Solutions MOR5020/ACC Rewind

The Rewind Accumulator Unit features Touch Screen controls and enhanced safety features. The control system incorporates a soft stop and start system, ensuring reels are consistently rewound to pre set tension parameters when used in-conjunction with the fastest digital printers. Thus guaranteeing the reel is wound to the highest standard, which is crucial for subsequent processing.


The Matti Orion Multi-Function Processor Model MFP


Matti Orion Solutions MFP Multi-Function Processor

The Matti Orion Multi-Function Processor Model MFP has been designed to meet the exacting requirements for specialist printers who wish to convert plain documents into complex custom documents on-line with high-speed digital printers. The MFP a diverse and extremely versatile unit a truly unrivalled unit which can be configured with multiple converting processes, including sprocket punching, pattern die cutting, file hole punching, ink jet print heads, flexographic and letterpress print modules, cameras, security punching, horizontal and vertical perforators. 
By utilising the expansive options package the MFP can be configured as a pre or post possessing device, can be configured for selective and dynamic applications, can be controlled by barcode or 2D codes for both pinned and pinless paper. Ideal for applications such as Transpromo, Security Printing, Itemised billing applications, Statements, certificates and coupons.


Download "Features and Applications"


The Matti Orion BPP520/Compact has been designed to take plain paper from the mill, and add marginal punching, so that the paper can be processed through a digital printer or other process.

It is particularly suitable for Transactional, TransPromo and Publishing applications offering increased flexibility with the new breed of high-speed colour printers.



Matti Orion Solutions BPP520/Compact

In addition to marginal punching the unit can be configured to add cross perforations, either for folding or for tear off portions of a document, a programmable cross perforating beam is also available which allows the operator to select desired document depths via the touch control screen, therefore eliminating the need to change cylinders. The unit is powered by servo drives and is designed to process the web under low tension, ensuring a precise paper length control, which allows the unit to process stocks from 30grms up to 240grms.


The Matti Orion BPP520/DC is one of our newer additions to our product line focusing on those specialist labelling and perforating applications.


Matti Orion Solutions BPP520/DC

The BPP520DC has been completely redeveloped to meet the exacting requirements for unique and custom applications for use on-line with high-speed digital printers. The unit is exceptionally versatile when it comes to paper processing. By utilising the latest servo drive systems, complex applications can be produced, plus the unit can be configured as a pre or post processing device for pinless and sprocket fed applications.


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