Inkjet Test Platform


MFP Lite Extended: Tooling Options

China Print 2017

China Print Show Team: Kodak, Boostech and Matti

Presentation: The BoostJET Book Press.

Drupa 2016:


Transpromo Print Line: featuring an Unwinder Model TU5020, Paper Processor Model BPP520, Oce High Speed Digital Printer, Dynamic Perforator Model DPU20 and a Rewinder Model TR5020

High Quality CMYK Print Line: Featuring an Unwinder model MOU5020ACC, Xerox high speed twin printer and sheeter with integral stacker model MSR-HS.

High Resolution Ink Jet System

Dynamic Perforator and Dynamic File Hole Punching.

Paper Processing Line: featuring an unwinder model TI5020, paper processor model BPP20 and a spiral folder model CF20 with Vertical Stacker model VST.  

Dynamic Perforator: A Dynamic perforator  model DPU520 built into a tensioned Nipson digital print line.

Twin Dynamic Perforator: A 4 cassette dynamic perforator built-in to a Kodak digital print line.

Paper Handling Equipment: Unwinder, Paper Processor and Rewinder.

Paper Processing Line: featuring an unwinder model TU5020, paper processor model BPP20 and a spiral folder model CF20 with shingling table.  

Unwinder Model MOU520 ACC

Rewinder Model MOR5020 ACC

Inside a Model BPP20 Paper Processor.

Unwinder Model MTU5020.

Rewinder Model MTR 5020

Multi-Function Processor Model MFP - This unit can be configured for pre or post processing, Dynamic Perforating - Punching - Die Cutting, Coating, Sprocket Punching, File Hole Punching, Creasing, Horizontal/Vertical perforating and Laminating.

Partner Pharma Paper Handling Solution.

Partner Saddle Stitching Line.

MFP Lite: Multi Function Processor.

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