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Discussing “Open Press” design opportunities, illustrating how the Matti Group can assist in new equipment development.


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China Print 2017 a resounding success: the Matti Group enjoyed an extremely successful show, the stand was exceptionally busy throughout the event. 

The Matti Group attended the China Print Show with one of its partners Kodak, showing the BoostJET Book Press.

The Team

The Show Presentation

A busy Show

DRUPA 2016

The Matti Group showed two new innovated OEM print solutions for packaging and the publishing arena. The print solutions on display demonstrated the Matti Groups technical expertise designing unique revolutionary partner products adding new dimension to the world of digital print allowing them to be brought to the market in a very short time  - “Your vision our mission”.

Xerox Packaging Solution

The display incorporated a Matti Orion Unwind, Model MOU5020 feeding 150 micron plastic into the custom Astro Digital Printer.

The web was then fed into The Xerox Production Press for Plastic Films and Substrates. 

The new Astro production press utilises print heads which are compatible with virtually any type of ink chemistry including solvent, aqueous and UV inks. At the show the press was using UV inks.

From the digital press the plastic web was fed into the new MFP Lite Multi –Function Processor.

The MFP Lite was configured with 2 half width and one full width perforating beams, one vertical perforating caste with multiple knives, One file hole punch cassette and sprocket punching.


During the show the unit was perforating the plastic vertically and horizontally dynamically controlled by reading a 2D code.

Downstream of the MFP Lite the plastic substrate was rewound on a Matti Orion Rewinder Model MOR5020. 

By utilising the options package the rewinder can be configured for a vast range of printers or other host devices. All the rewinders incorporate a soft start system; therefore ensuring reels are consistently rewound to pre-set tension parameters. Therefor ensuring the reel is wound to the highest standards, which is crucial for subsequent processing.

Kodak Publishing Solution:

The Kodak/Matti Mono Printer is an extremely productive Black and White fully integrated printing system with exceptionally low running costs.


The system shown was configured as a roll to cut sheet press with the facility to add dynamic perforations both horizontally and vertically, and add spot colour at a later date.

Key features:

Built-in unwinder


            Centre driven

            Built-in reel lift


Web cleaning and web Guiding

Print station


            With Kodak Line Bar


            Maximum print width 24.5"


            Resolution 900 X 600 dpi


            Option to add spot colour


Perforating station


            Horizontal perforations

            Vertical perforations.

Cutting station


            Rotary Cutter

            Offset Stack delivery

            Document gate.

At the Show Images

CONCERO Open House Event January 21st – 23rd 2014

Unveiling our NEW high volume pressure seal line – Concero. The Concero machine is a project developed by four main paper handling industry leaders – Paragon, Matti Orion, Spedo & Encore.

We presented an ultimately NEW heavy duty inline sealing machine solution which encompasses an unwind roll feed system, continuous forms cutter, high speed folding unit and a heavy duty pressure sealer as a complete line. 

• Automatic loading and unloading to the floor, reel shaft automatically locks into position when loading 
• An Eco-friendly device with very low power consumption with user-friendly operator interface


• Fast, precise & versatile making it highly reliable 
• Capable of either pin-fed or pin-less production


• Fully automatic setting of the machine including all plates, fold rollers, alignment rails 
• Simple easy operation from a touch screen colour display


• Processes up to 17” width forms either one up or two up 
• 8 roller sealing system giving ultimate security seal 



Matti Orion and its partners showed a range of Pre and Post Processing Solutions at the Concero Open House. The event featured a comprehensive range of equipment, including the Multi-Function Processor.

Solutions Shown:


1. CONCERO:- The NEW high volume pressure seal line developed by four main paper 
handling industry leaders – Paragon, Matti Orion, Spedo & Encore.

2. Post Processing MFP Multi-Function Paper Finishing Solution

3. Roll to Roll System Featuring a Paper Processor.

4. Encore and Watkiss Stitching line.

5. Spedo and Paragon Pack fed Pressure Seal line.

6. Watkiss Power Square.

Download Concero Event: "Overview" 


At the Continua Open House, Matti Orion was showing an unwinder feeding the NEW Spedo Pinless cutter.

DRUPA 2012 

The Matti Group showed a Technical Display “beyond compare", featuring the latest innovations and demonstrating our technical expertise. The equipment shown could be configured to meet the most demanding print requirements for Transpromotional, Bank and Insurance Documents, Variable Data, Statements, Utility Bills or Mailing Campaigns. The Matti Group’s presentation featured the new MFP Multi-Function Processor and Coater showing how you can add new dimensions to the world of digital print- “Your vision our mission”.

DRUPA 2012

Opposite the Matti Group stand was one of our partner CTC showing their “Book Bee” print line. The BookBee 500 display was a high speed, high quality, duplex CMYK process colour UV inkjet printing module. The system was developed to produce: instruction manuals, textbooks and scholarly book applications requiring a low production cost. 
BookBee 500 is an ideal on-demand printing system that can print on a variety of coated paper stocks to a very high quality similar to current book requirements, the presentation was showing how you can add new dimensions to the world of digital print- “Your vision our mission”. 


Matti Orion showed a range of pre and Post Processing Solutions at its Presentation Event. Working in-conjunction with some of its partners, the event featured a comprehensive range of equipment, which was configured to show a wide range of applications from a simple roll to roll system to a digital printline with dynamic pattern perforations. 

The event took place on the 24th and 25th May showing a range of Pre and Post Processing Equipment working in-conjunction with some of its partners featuring: 

Variable Data Printing:

Showing the wide web, high-resolution, high-speed Kyte 216U inkjet printer

Printing on CVG Inkjet Digital 90 paper.

Document Verification:  

Showing the Discovery real time variable data integrity and print quality inspection for printing and finishing applications.

Cutting Solutions:  

Showing the new Spedo 2400 cutter for print and finishing environments.

Pre and Post Processing Equipment: 

TU5020 Unwind units. 
TR5020 Rewind units 
CF20 Folder with vertical stacker. 
BPP520 Com a compact paper processor with programmable perforating cylinder and optical mark printer. 
DPU20 a Dynamic Perforator for itemised billing applications.

IPEX 2010

The Matti Group showed a Technical Display, featuring a comprehensive range of equipment, which could be configured to meet the most demanding print requirements for Transpromotional, Bank and Insurance Documents, Variable data, Statements, Utility Bills or Mailing campaigns. The Matti Group’s presentation showed how it could add new dimensions to the world of digital print. 

DRUPA 2008

The Orion display showed a “Variable Data Transpromo Print Application” producing an itemised invoice with a “Tear Off” giro payment slip, plus promotional subject matter. Bringing to the forefront Orion’s commitment to developing pre and post processing equipment to enhance the function of the latest “New Breed” high-speed digital printers.

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